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Maestro Mezcaleros 
Luis Arellanes Cruz + Rufino Felipe Martinez

luis arellanes cruz

Santa Catarina Minas in Oaxaca, is a town known for their traditional clay pot distillation style handed down by mezcalero families. Maestro Luis Arellanes Cruz was taught by his uncle Rufino a 3rd generation maestro mezcalero. On the third distillation, local cacao was added to the clay pot. Only 84 bottles were made. 



In Luis & Rufino's Destilado con Cacao, the master distillers began by harvesting mature agave Espadin (a. Angustifolia) , a varietal that takes 6 to 8 years to develop. 


Milling and Fermentation:

Don Rufino & Luis mills the cooked agave by hand using large wooden mallets. The duo & team then ferments the  crushed agave with local spring water in cypress wood vats which could take anywhere from 3-5 days to reach the desired sugar content. 


Luneta's Destilado con Cacao was distilled three times. 


The fermented agave is twice distilled in a clay pot still. During the third distillation Luis & Rufino add the local cacao to the clay pot still. 


The hearts, heads and tails are then mix to yield a balanced blend of 49.1% abv.

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