Distilled using 3 clay pots & fermented with pulque, this rare agave spirit has been crafted with the same techniques for over 400 years in Palmar Segundo, San Luis Potosí.

Aromas of caramel, roasted chile & melted butter transform into tasting notes of cajeta, orange peel, & fresh ground pepper that induce a sense of tranquility, sophistication & delight.


Fermented in bullhide & first distilled in copper then distilled in a coral tree trunk, this complex spirit is crafted with generations of expertise in Tepenene, Puebla.

Intriguing smells of suede leather, lemon honey & earth after rain develop into a flavor journey with hints of barley, apple, tanned hide & sweet cream that invoke a sense of confidence, adventure & wonder.


Conjured in the hills of Chichicapam, Oaxaca, from the hearts of wild agave Mexicano, this elixir is fermented in oak & twice distilled in copper.

Scents of black cherry & fresh cut grass lead to banana, smoked hickory and pineapple flavor notes that heighten the senses & stimulate playful exploration.


tasting kit

Explore the Luneta collection of premium agave spirits from Oaxaca, Puebla and San Luis Potosí. Each kit contains five expressions of boutique and unique agave spirits.

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